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Portrait of a Rivermount Graduate

At Rivermount College we aim to guide and support our students to realise their full potential during the essential years of their development and educational journey. We do this by constructing a solid framework and establishing clear goals that encompass the qualities each student is encouraged to achieve.

Our students are provided with a solid foundation that will prepare them to become positive members of society. Using Michal Fullan’s 6 C’s and the essential 21st Century skills identified by the QCAA, combined with our Christian values, our students are nurtured to develop Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Citizenship and Character. We envisage our graduates growing into kind and tolerant individuals with the confidence to be authentic in their presentation and self-view, possessing strength, resilience and integrity.

It is our vision and our hope that Rivermount College graduates will continue to be engaged and thoughtful learners, contributing positively and purposefully to create a bright and positive future for themselves and others.