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Our Mission

Rivermount College is operated by Rivermount Education Limited which is a public company limited by guarantee. The objects of Rivermount College, as listed in this document, are taken from the Constitution of Rivermount Education Limited.

Teaching and non-teaching staff appointed to Rivermount College undertake to subscribe to these objects at all times and to the curriculum expectations resulting from these objects.


To provide a holistic and integrated approach to education and other related activities where the aim is to educate and train the whole person by integrating the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and social aspects of education and training from a biblical perspective based upon the following aims and objectives:

  • the development of the intellectual potential of all students by promoting in students intellectual integrity, respect for truth, openness to reality and other scholarly virtues and aiming to provide the students with a mastery of the basic subjects and skills while guiding individuals towards their own levels of achievement and understanding in the main areas of human knowledge;
  • the promotion within any educational institution carried on or maintained by the company of a community of faith based on a belief in God and the provision of religious worship, services and teaching in conformity with the Christian faith;
  • the provision of opportunities for all students to develop full and effective social and personal relationships which will enhance the development of self-confidence acceptance, personal dignity, positive attitudes and emotions, optimism, self-esteem, sensitivity, appreciation of goodness, compassion and service to others;
  • the provision of skills and interests for students which will promote a physical fitness and which will assist them to make optimum use of their leisure time during their school and effective later adult life; and
  • the promotion and fostering of genuine human relationships amongst students, staff, parents and others associated with the Company;

To provide such educational, vocational and community development courses as may be desirable to educate, teach and inform students of all ages, race or creed without distinction to the highest standard of education including but not limited to the education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders;

To promote develop and assist in educational, cultural, sporting and extra-curricular activities of all kinds and to disseminate information concerning any such activities including but not limited to courses having the objective of promoting a greater awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, their history, conditions and general welfare and education and the harmonious relationship and co-existence of aboriginal and non-aboriginal people alike and the elimination of cultural alienation, racism and negative social attitudes.

The Environment Indigenous Education Practical Christianity
The College is blessed to provide its members with a beautiful yet modern campus that seeks to enhance and protect the natural landscape. Students are encouraged to respect, care for and protect the natural environment. The College aims to instil in students the desire to be responsible and proactive protectors of the natural environment; to educate students to conserve natural resources and embrace sustainability to effectively benefit our campus and community; to encourage community members to actively repair environmental damage through rejuvenation practices and to provide ongoing opportunities for students and the community to participate in environmental programs on and off campus.
Rivermount College is committed to building a community that shares pride in its Australian heritage and embraces a future built on unity and harmony. Through the actions and attitudes of our community it is the vision of our founders that whilst we cannot change history, we can strive for reconciliation and commit to improving social justice and equity for the Indigenous people, the original inhabitants of this country. Reconciliation between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of this nation is strengthened through the education of today’s youth and for this purpose the College aims to integrate and embed Indigenous education across the Kindy to Year 12 curriculum.
Central to the College Mission is its Christian purpose. Rivermount College provides a non-denominational and inclusive Christian community that welcomes families from varying walks of life and from an array of religious affiliations. It is the aim of the College to develop in students a genuine and practical Christian worldview and faith that equips them to live authentic Christian lives. The College aims to be an extension of the home to assist parents to give their children a well-balanced education and upbringing. The successful applicant will need to demonstrate their capacity to support this fundamental aspect of the College mission.