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RMC Uniforms 2024

Please refer to the Rivermount College Personal Appearance and Uniform policy for standards and expectations regarding the correct wearing of formal and sports uniform along with special requirements for specialist teams and activities. All items can be purchased through our Retail Centre with a selection of quality second-hand items also available.



  1. Lower Primary Girls Formal Uniform: From 2024, the College will commence phasing out the Lower Primary School navy dress worn by girls from Prep to Year 3. The new formal uniform will consist of navy culottes and a tailored light blue blouse. All girls entering Prep in 2024 will be required to wear the new uniform with all girls from Year 1 to Year 3 able to transition as stock becomes available. The transition will be completed in 2026 or until the current style dress is sold out.
  1. Upper Primary and Secondary Boys Formal Uniform : From 2024, boys in Year 4 to Year 12 will be able to purchase a new style formal shirt. The new shirt has been designed for greater comfort and breathability and is made of bamboo material. It is also designed to be worn untucked as a jack shirt in the summer terms and tucked in, with a tie, during the winter terms. Students wearing the current style shirt will be required to tuck the shirt in. It is anticipated that the transition period will be complete by 2026. A new crew sock option will also be introduced as an alternative to the current long socks.
  1. Upper Primary and Secondary Girls Formal Uniform: a new style formal shirt will be transitioned in for all girls from Year 4 to Year 12. The new style is made from a bamboo material and is designed for greater comfort and breathability. The new style features a tailored cut with no bottom band. The transition will conclude in 2026.